NautilusSVN -> endi RabbitVCS!

RabbitVCSNautilusSvn – TortoiseSVN'ning Linux kloni mavzusidan tanish bo'lgan NautilusSvn endilikda RabbitVCS deb nomlanadigan bo'ldi.

RabbitVCS'ni Ubuntu'ga o'rnatish NautilusSVN'ga o'xshash:

  1. Go to

  2. Download latest package for Ubuntu (as for this writing it is rabbitvcs_0.12-1~hardy_all.deb).

  3. Open the terminal and run the following commands:
    sudo apt-get install ipython meld python-configobj python-nautilus python-svn subversion 
    sudo dpkg -i rabbitvcs_0.12-1~hardy_all.deb
    nautilus -q && nautilus &

  4. Done.


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