Do Some Math

The site is getting more and more spammed on comments. Thus installed new plugin; now in order to post a comment one should do some math. Just do some basic calculations and you pass the exam ;)


  1. checkmate1/5/06 03:26

    i nima kerak odamlarni joniga tegip,
    post qilishligini hohlamasangiz, postni umuman olib tashlang. :-)
    yoki chidang :-D

  2. endi masalaga boshqa tomondan qarangda:
    siz 2+2=? ni qiyin deyapsiz to'g'rimi?
    ha endi men tomonga o'tingda, har kuni o'nlab spamlarni tozalash bilan vaqt o'tkazishimni o'ylang. 2+2 osonmi yo bunisi?:)

  3. checkmate6/5/06 09:56

    just to put a comment,
    u r making us to go through too many procedures ;)

    from user points, it is easy to clean spams hehe

  4. I think, it's better to make a script that can make a temp random ID number and includes into action form. And when the spam tries to add itself, it can't do it automatic. So Admin would clean only a few ones, and users can easyly post their posts...

  5. There exist such "filter". It does require approval for comment to be published if it "looks like" a spam. That's I am making my life easier as an Admin :P

  6. Oshna o'qishga qabul qilinganliging bilan tabriklayman!
    Toylar muborak, shaxsiy va oilaviy baht tilayman!
    Keep reaching successes!


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