VPN from Google

Just found out that Google offers free VPN service! Want to find out how to get? Take 3 minutes and continue reading :)

First get server credentials

Then create a VPN connection:

Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet Connections -> Network Connections -> Create a new connection -> Connect to the network at my workplace -> Virtual Network connection -> Company Name (e.g. Google) -> Host name or IP address ( -> Username:Password

Done! Enjoy your new VPN, surf any website on the internet ;)

P.S. IP/Username/Password provided in above link is only for one time logging in; refresh the URL and get new ones if necessary
P.S.S. If you can't connect to the server check your windows firewall, better disable it
P.S.S.S. I am giving the info as is, use it for your own risk; you are responsible for your deeds done with the help of above info in this life and hereafter. If you think you can't handle such responsibility don't use the above mentioned information in any means.


  1. posting this comment while surfing through VPN
    my IP address:

    to check your IP address click this link

  2. A.A.

    Usto, nima nima, lekin mana shu ishiz uchun bir duo qilaman da sizzi.
    Baraka toping!!!


  3. wa alaykum assalam
    rahmat duola uchun ;)

  4. thanx a lot, it's really great, now we r enjoying fully with the internet :)
    shu vohliro berishsa bomaskanmi free VPN ni, eh shuncha vakt keyin a...
    mayli bettigilayam endi foydalanishadi. (ba)Raka topin master, kopro shunaka nassalani topib yurin :P

  5. https://vpn.google.com/getpass/ ni blok qip qoyishitti :)
    rasa tez ishlashadi de bizani shovvozla. :)
    usta, a enni yana u bu nassa oylab topseyizchi


  6. blok qilinmagan, umri qisqa chiqib qoldi, server is down
    biroz kutaylikchi, google'chilardan hozircha hech sado chiqmadi, biror narsa deyishar...

  7. welp... try this for now

  8. Google is no longer offering this service for public


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