2 Documentary Movies about GNU/Linux

The First one: The Code Linux
"Let me make an analogy, an analogy between programs and recipes. So, program is like a recipe; each one is a list of steps to be carried out. With rules that had to tell when you are done, when to go back, and at the end there is a certain result. If you cook, you probably exchange with recipes with your friends and you probably change the recipes, too. And if you made the changes and liked the results and your friends liked eating it. Then you might give them chenged version of the recipe. So imagine a world where you can't change the recipe, because somebody has gone out of his way to set it up so it's impossible to change the recipe. And imagine if you share recipe with your friends, they will call you a pirate and try to put you in prison for years" Richard Stallman

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The Second one: Revolution OS
The documentary Revolution OS explores the human side of the open source and free software movements, illuminating the behind-the-scenes story of the hackers and programmers rebelling against the corporate machine.
This 90-minute film begins with Richard Stallman's quest to create a free operating system. It then follows the movement through its two-decades-long evolution in interviews with Stallman, Linus Torvalds (creator of the open-source operating system Linux), Eric Raymond (author of The Cathedral and the Bazaar), Bruce Perens (author of the Open Source Definition), Brian Behlendorf (leader of the Apache Web server project), Michael Tiemann (founder of the first open source company) and Larry Augustin (founder of VA Linux Systems). Revolution OS also depicts the culture of the open source movement by documenting the Installfest parties where people can bring their computers to get free, expert Linux tech support; and the Refund Day protest marches, where Linux users demand reimbursement of the extra fees that get tacked onto the purchase price of new computers for pre-installed Microsoft applications.

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